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Birds of the United Kingdom


This is a collection of my bird photographs from across the UK - it's rather limited (species wise) to the more common varieties, and within those to seabirds in particular - and naturally, given my location, the Bullers itself and nearby areas such as Longhaven cliffs, Whinnyfold and Sands of Forvie have provided most of the seabird pictures!


Puffins feature highly - who can resist them? Also Gannets, my favourites, though these were taken at the Bass Rock, south of Edinburgh; Gannets can be seen passing offshore at the Bullers, but they don't nest here. There is however a small (in Gannet terms) colony at Troup Head, between Pennan and Crovie on the Moray Firth, not too far away.


As I have spent most of my time in Scotland, nearly all the pictures were taken here, and on the islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides and St. Kilda of course.


A number were also taken on the islands of Skokholm and Skomer off the coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales, since I visited this area several times before living in Scotland. A few more come from the east of England (Norfolk and Cambridgeshire) and from Leighton Moss in Lancashire, plus a couple of other locations.