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YouTube video taken at the Bullers
The Gazetteer for Scotland

General info

Never mind the Bullers

A Geocaching site at the Bullers!

The Old Deer Community Association

They were good enough to link to here, so I'm returning the compliment...


Other attractions nearby:  


Slains Castle

5 mins drive plus a short walk

The ruins of the one-time home of the Earl of Erroll, said to have inspired Bram Stoker's description of Castle Dracula.


1 hour drive north.

Fishing village at the base of the cliffs; well known as the location for the movie "Local Hero". There is an hotel here serving drinks and meals.


1 hour drive north.

Something like Pennan but even more picturesque! You can visit both these villages on the same day, they are quite close by car (but a very long walk over the cliffs via Troup Head). No facilities for tourists. Please do not bring cars down to the village, there is no parking and not much turning space...


Other birdwatching sites in the vicinity (the times are approximate driving times from the Bullers):


Sands of Forvie

20 mins south, near Newburgh

Noted for large flocks of Eider ducks, and a ternery including all four types of tern common to the UK (Common, Arctic, Little and Sandwich)

Loch of Strathbeg RSPB Reserve

30 mins, north

Noted for large flocks of Pink-footed geese during the winter. Also many migrating waders and other birds; even the occasional Flamingo and Cranes have turned up here!

Rattray Head

30 mins, north

The seaward side of the Loch of Strathbeg, this is good for seawatching; Red-throated, Black-throated and Great Northern Divers may be seen passing offshore. Also has a very photogenic lighthouse.

Fowlsheugh RSPB Reserve

1 hour, south

High cliffs south of Stonehaven; much the same species as the Bullers, only even more of them (except maybe Puffins, I think the Bullers has more of those...). Boat trips may be available from Stonehaven harbour during the spring and summer.

Troup Head

1 hour north, plus a long walk.

More cliffs - same kinds of species as the Bullers (plus the occasional Black Guillemot), of interest mainly because of one the UK's only two mainland nesting sites for Gannets (the other is at Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire). It's also a good walk (though only if you're fit) from the other attractions of the villages of Pennan or Crovie. Crovie is the easier walk, less overgrown though still steep.


General guides to other attractions in the area:


Undiscovered Scotland

(bit of a misnomer - it's all been discovered - but useful; many of the links here go to pages on this site)

Tour Scotland  

Academic and Literary References:


The Statistical Accounts of Scotland, 1791-1799, Cruden Bay

The Edina website, which hosts a searchable online copy of the entire Old and New Statistical Accounts for Scotland, has a description of the local area, activities and population in the late 18th and mid 19th century.
Requires a subscription for detailed information.

The Official Robert Burns Site

Includes the complete text of his poem The Election Ballad which mentions the Bullers.

The Oban, Lorn and North Argyll Guide

Although really about the west coast, includes the text from Johnson and Boswell's "Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland" with a description of their visit to Slains Castle and the Bullers.

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