Wildlife at the Bullers - Mammals

Usually at least one or two Grey seals may be seen swimming in the bay, and at low tide the seals and pups may be found hauled out onto the rocks along the edge of the bay.

During the early 1980s there were many more Grey seals to be found here, but a cull by local fisherman reduced the numbers considerably, although they remain fairly common and are present at most times of the year.

The pictures here are of cubs; cute aren't they? Sometimes you may find one on the beach, as they aren't as alert as the adults and may not see you coming; stay away, they have big teeth and enough tartar to delight whole teams of dental hygenists. A bite from one of these is serious. And their breath smells awful.

We once found a seal cub at the TOP of the cliff, by the cottages. I have no idea how it got there; I can only assume it was disoriented and scrambled all the way up the track from the beach. Certainly it was very tired. We got it into a box (with care!), carried it back down and released it into the sea where an adult, presumably mum, was waiting. Aaaaaaah...

In addition to seals, you may sometimes see dolphins out to sea, especially on fine days when the water is not too rough. Look for them as they leap. Other mammals may also be found along the cliffs from time to time - stoats, moles, weasels, foxes and Roe deer are occasionally seen.

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