About This Website

This website began when I used to live in one of the cottages at a small hamlet at the top of the cliffs above the North Sea in the district of Buchan in north-east Scotland.

The hamlet is known as the “Bullers of Buchan”, and although the origin of the name is a little obscure it is thought possible that it is in reference to the nearby collapsed sea cave, where the sea enters through an arch and the waters inside could be said to “boil” during storms.

I stayed there (on and off) for some 16 years, and I felt the place was unusual and unique enough to warrant its own little website, so I created this one – initially, just for general information, and as a place to upload some of my pictures, both of the local wildlife and other travels.

I no longer live there, but I still keep the domain and site going for my own use, although as I now take my photography a little more seriously I have moved my other photographs to their own space – see my website Gannet77 Photo Galleries if you’re interested!

This website is about the Bullers and the nearby area, and is just intended to provide a little information for visitors.  It isn’t a commercial site and I don’t do tours or anything, but if you’re interested in anything specific please feel free to email me at the address in the footer below.